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  1. Avalanche by Matthew McCormick

    London Design Festival 2019

    Client: Barrisol Welch & OSRAM

    Photography: Steven Maddison

    Scope: Project Management

    Canadian designer Matthew McCormick fuelled thoughtful introspection on the effects of climate change through his experiential exhibit, Avalanche, conspicuously positioned on the landing of the V&A’s British Gallery. 

    Inherently out of place in the classically historic space, Avalanche was strategically situated to provoke profoundly personal reactions from each visitor that passed through: a designer’s interpretation of a suspended moment in time where we are faced with a mindful revelation of our own mortality.

    On entering, small groups of visitors found a lowly lit, deceptively reflective space, bringing a sense of entrapment and confusion around the uncertain pathway through. Grappling with the increasing darkness of the narrow, constricting corridor, visitors were urged to pause in a heightened sense of consciousness, as they toyed with the human instinct to find the safest route out.