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  1. Lorne Theatre by Golden Age

    Lorne, Victoria


    Scope: Concept Development, Project Management & On-Site Delivery

    Words: Right Angle

    Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis & Jack Younger 

    Since 1937, Lorne Theatre has entertained locals and visitors along the Great Ocean Road. Its history reads like a script: a travelling picture show man runs out of funds and has his equipment purchased by locals who start running movies in a hall before deciding to build a resplendent picture palace.

    Flash forward to 2023. A new family takes the reins of the Lorne Theatre with the view to work with the community to retain both form and function as a cinema for the next century.

    Guided by the talented and passionate Golden Age team, Lorne Theatre will embrace the same adage of ‘the good old days are now’. Through a combination of programming, design and hospitality we will seek to recall the sublime indulgence of classic Hollywood while being deeply invested in a future vision of a moviegoing culture that invites new cinematic voices to speak and provide an intimate and inclusive social experience like no other.