Built with Berta.me


    Central Station, Sydney


    Artwork & Words: Right Angle

    Photography: Thomas Huynh (@chomme_des_garcons)

    Scope: Concept Development, Project Management & On-Site Delivery

    A meditation on nighttime and transience.

    SHADES is the latest venue by Right Angle and Golden Age Cinema & Bar. A subterranean neighbourhood bar and cultural space that’s the last piece in the EDDY puzzle. 

    With a name that references Jim Jarmusch’s 1989 humanist manifesto, Mystery Train, and programming that revolves around some coveted audio hardware – both from today and yesteryear – SHADES explores the intersection of sound and vision. Designed by local legend Michael Delaney, whose portfolio chronicles some of Sydney’s most beloved hospitality venues (Cafe Freda’s, Club 77 circa 2016, Piccolo Bar), SHADES is a harmonious and occasionally hilarious mix of low and highbrow references.

    At the front is an intimate standing bar serving wine from Australia’s East Coast, disco-inspired cocktails and cold beer. Up a ramp behind a door, the SHADES backroom is a warehouse-scale space showcasing a roster of resident DJs, special guests and experimental cinema screenings by the Golden Age Cinema programming team. Restored vintage Klipsch speaker stacks, salvaged from Sydney’s iconic Sublime nightclub, provide the acoustic backdrop with projectors and screens providing a platform for digital art and moving image installations and collaborations.

    SHADES opened to the public on December 21 2022.